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Theme Parkology Attraction Series: Jungle Cruise (DVD)

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Product Information

Note: This is a fan-created DVD. It can be returned at any time for a full refund.

Theme Parkology is proud to present a new documentary regarding one of Disneyland’s longest running attraction, The Jungle Cruise.

In many ways, the idea of the Jungle Cruise began years before the park was thought of with the success of the 1948 Disney television series, The True-Life Adventures. This was a series of short documented films of live animals within their habitat. Walt had a special respect for nature, so when the time came to design his park he naturally decided that a jungle of sorts would be in it.

Join us as we venture through the ideas and landscape of Walt’s man-made jungle and learn how Walt originally wanted live animals to roam his jungle, how Marc Davis redesigned the look and feel of the attraction and discover who Albert Awol is.

This is a great DVD that features an in-depth insight with Bob Gurr, who assisted with the Jungle Cruise.

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